Is this Gutai ?

Conceived by River Lin, Is this Gutai? is an online event consisting of a webcam-performance intervention, lecture, screening and post-show discussion with Japanese choreograoher and the Artistic Director of Tokyo Real Underground Festival Takao Kawaguchi. 

Under the ongoing travel restrictions of Covid-19, the project Dancing with Gutai Art Manifesto 1956 is transformed into the online presentation. By proposing the question “Is this Gutai” as the event title, River Lin stages a zoom happening with 4 window-grids revisiting iconic images or methoods of Gutai artists Tanaka Atsuko, Murakami Saburo, Shimamoto Shozo and Montonaga Sadamasa. Through playing with the inter-gaze and framing of webcam, filter and virtual background of the video-conferening application, this intervention reimangines ways of performing (for) the webcam in the Gutai-art context. 

Concept: River Lin
Performance: Eric Tsai, Chien Shih-Han, Chang Yun-Chen and River Lin

28 May 2021 at Tokyo Real Underground Festival, part of Tokyo Tokyo Festival special 13 projects.

Watch the online event: