Bone Setting Service


Concept, drawing & performance :  River Lin
Tempting Failure - London's Biennial of International Performance Art and Noise 19-21 July, 2018)
photo by Julia Bauer, Tempting Failure 2018. 

Bone Setting Service is an one-on-one performance with massage and participatory drawing. 

Traditionally, in Chinese Medicine, bone setting is a holistic care process to cure the balance of the skeleton, muscles and joints, for re-setting the wholeness of a body. And the notion of the wholeness of a body relates to the “Chi” and the body meridian. 

Based on this idea, River Lin develops this performance to demonstrate the relationship between pain or any kinds of discomfort and the Chi, inviting audiences getting to know and find out which meridian of their bodies needs to be re-set. 

One audience member lies down on a piece of paper, and River Lin draws the shape of her/his body. The audience member then is to investigate her/his body meridian and draw marks or symbols to reflect the unsettled body. Followed by the conversion with participants’ images, River then draws again how the physical or emotional pain connects with a specific meridian of the body and its related acupoints. Finally, the audience member receives the bone setting massage.

C'est Vrai et Vert


Concept & performance:River Lin
10, November, 2017
ArtTrend International Performance Art Festival, Tainan, Taiwan. Curated by Zu-chi Yeah

photo by Jian Hao-Jiang

Duck Walk


Concept & performance :  River Lin
drawing on paper, 2m x 6m

4 March, 2017 at Draw to Perform Festival , Fabrica Gallery, Brighton
photo courtesy: Draw to Perform

Duck Walk, followed by the principle of River Walk (2014), is a performance-based drawing/painting in choreographic process during which the artist is dancing with a toy duck.

With a sensor of vibration inside its body,  the yellow toy duck is activated to walk by sensing the artist moving and traveling. On a large piece of paper, a human body walking/ dancing with a toy duck has become a deut and all their movement and trajectory have been documented by pigments.

Refreshing drinks


Concept & performance :  River Lin
at Festival Passage Pas Sage, Paris, 2016. 
photo by Yann Plantier

Refreshing Drinks is a performance made for a gallery-community festival Passage Pas Sage 2016 in Paris, welcoming art lovers back in town after their summer vacation.

In this performance, River Lin cleans the passage, courtyard, and the windows and facades of galleries, and makes a refreshing drink with dust and dirt contained in a vacuum cleaner.


An Anonymous Mo(ve)ment


Concept & performance :  River Lin
at Galerie SATOR, Paris, 2015.

Conceived by River Lin, An Anonymous Mo(ve)ment is a performance piece made in conversation with Alexeï Vassiliev’s solo show ’Hieronymus’ at Galerie Sator in Paris.

In the blurry and anonymous portraits created by Vassiliev, the spatiotemporal has become in motion and fluid, so does the the presence of human body in the modern city.

This performance An Anonymous Mo(ve)ment juxtaposes the body movement with everyday objects which perform the notion of real time with different rhythms, as a contrast to Vassiliev’s photographic language.

photo by Gaspard Noel.
videography by Chien-chiao Liao

La Vague Privée


Concept & performance :  River Lin
live sound design: Jin-yao Lin
Gallery Christian Berst Art Brut, May 2015

Inspired by the work of August Walla, the performance The Private Wave conceives a journey where the artist’s body and sound encounter Walla’s inner universe.

While approaching the notion of Walla, River Lin develops dancing movements as the physical language corresponding to Walla’s own imaginary language. Hidden in a sheet of plastic fabric, River moves his body and travels around the gallery space, making sounds of drawing breath as the mysterious text. Meanwhile, the plastic fabric has become a live performative installation by addressing the image of flowing wave as the ritualistic symbol.

photography by Gaspard Noel, Valeria Motta videography by Chien-chiao Liao


Necessary Evil


concept & performance :  River Lin
Cité Internationale des arts, Paris, March 2015
photo by Chen Rohuan
The artist first arrived in Paris for the residency program at Cité internationale des Arts in February of 2015 when this city had just experienced the Charlie Hebdo attack. Because the Memorial de la Shoah is next door, policemen and army with weapons intensively guard around. The city center Le Marais was considered terrifying in unrest.

With this circumstance, River Lin hosts a ritual of walking from Cite to Shoah in the street by carrying an altar with burning candles and self blindfolding with hands until the altar falls in front of the signboard of Memorial de la Shoah.