Encounter Project :
the exhibition of our own


What would you like to experience and take from visiting an exhibition, if there is no artwork being exhibited but an artist waiting for you? 

The solo show of River Lin is an enconter as immaterial installation taking place in an entire naked gallery space without any objects on view but only two starngers- the artist and an visitor at a time. 

They might speak no words or chat, might interact physically, might distance each other from far, might welcome things to happen and situaitons to unfold. There might be also nothing happens until the end. 

The encounter is the work itself. The artist performs 6 hours per day throughout the exhibtion hours for one month. 

concept & performance: River Lin
with guest artists: Nat Niu, Lin-Wei Lung, Tien Tan, Kaleng Ko

15 January - 06 February 2016
at Taipei Artist Village 
photo by Chen You-wei.