8 days 2 nights and
10 artists


During the exhibition hours over 8 days and 2 nights (11-19 August, 2017), River Lin and his collaborative artists take over the gallery spaces of Taipei Fine Arts Museum with a series of collective happening. 

This work tests and rehearses notions of collectivity and happening as the choreographic strategy while referencing Allan Kapraw’s early practices and experimentation of performance, happening and participation.  

They continuously perform altered dialogues between body, time and museum space, dealing with the spectatorship on artworks and live performance. 

Concept & performance:River Lin
With:Yu-ju Lin, Yu-jun Wang, Daniel Wang, Sun-teck Yao, Shai Tamir, Demian Cheng, Ni-ni Yu, Tien Tan, Hui-chun Hsieh.

Production: Taipei Fine Arts Museum, part of the exhibition Arena curated by Jo Hsiao

photo by Chang Wei