︎Camping Asia, Taipei Performing Arts Center, 20 Nov-1 Dec. 2023
︎My Body is a Public Collection, Actoral Festival, 8-9 Sep. 2023
︎ADAM, Taipei Performing Arts Center. Aug. 2023
︎Taipei Arts Festival, 5 Aug-1 Oct. 2023
︎My Body is a Queer Academy, LAPS - University of the Arts Helsinki, 7-12 Nov. 2022. 
︎Live Dreams- IRL, Liveworks Festival, Sydney, 2022.
︎Indonesian Dance Festival, Jakarta, 22-28 Oct. 2022. 
︎Live Art Wokshop, Khoj & Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council, New Delhi, 2-14 Oct. 2022.
︎My Body is a Queer Library, ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Kuopio, 17 Sep. 2022. 
︎BLEED, Australia,Taiwan & online, 29 Aug-25 Sep. 2022.
︎ADAM, Taipei Performing Arts Center, August, 2022.
︎The Non-fungible Body festival, The Upper Austrian Landes-Kultur GmbH, Linz, 17-19 Jun. 2022.
︎My Body is a Queer History Museum, Lafayette Anticipations, Paris, 21-22 May 2022.