take 1—Expanded Choreography
take 2—Participation and Situation
take 3—Theatre of Things
take 4—Expanded Cinema or Cinematic Performance
take 5—Musical and Sonic Exhibition
take 6—Lecture Performance

Lecture on Performance :
The performance turn in contemporary art

Part lecture, part interview, part roundtable discussion, the online lecture Lecture on Performance, conceived by River Lin during the first COVID19 lockdown of France, brings brings together his intersectional research and knowledge on Live Art and performance, essembling artists, curators, academics and beyond to meet, exchange and learn together.

Conducted by 6 takes, Lecture on Performance charts “the performance turn in contemporary art”, examining how the notion of “performativity”  and “performance turn” has impacted or applied to the realms of visual art, theatre, and dance among others.

Departing from the history and theory framework of art to case studies of contemporary artists’ practice, River mixes languages and viewpoints from across visual and performing arts to perform and suggest a narrative context in flux and ways of rethinking the performative. Through case studies, in each thematic take, relevant artists have been invited as special guests to join the discussion and share their practice, performing the knowledge production from making.

The inauguration of the performance has been conducted in Chinese Mandarin, for gathering art makers from the Chines-speaking region. It’s accomplished under zero budget and supported by generous sharings of guest artists and more than 300 participants from across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and beyond.

Each take of the program is now availble in Chinese Madarin and English for institutions of visual arts, performing arts and education to book and present as online live events/ learning programs.

Concept and Performance: River Lin
Premire: 31 March- 21 April, 2020
Special guest: Dick Wong (Hong Kong), Han Xuemei (Singapore)、Jimi Zhang (Taiwan), Snow Huang (Taiwan), CO-Coism (Taiwan), Shih Peiyu (Taiwan), Tseng Yenting/Kappa (Taiwan), Wenchi Su (Taiwan), Au Sow Yee (Malaysia), Lin Fang-Yi (Taiwan), Jinyao Lin (Taiwan), Chi-wei Lin (Taiwan), Ho Rui An (Singapore) and Wukang Chen (Taiwan).

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